Sharing my heart with YOU through spoken word/poetry, music and art if you would listen

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About ‘If YOU would listen’

Ever wanted to and maybe even tried to tell someone something so badly but their ears were immune to hearing it?

This is basically a compilation of speeches, poems, spoken word and articles from one heart to another. I’ll post all performances on the ‘If You would listen’ (labyrinthescaper) YouTube channel as well as the website and wattpad accounts every update and link the videos here as well.

If you have something to say to someone (anyone) if they would listen in the form of a text or video format speech, poem, art piece or spoken word performance feel free to send it in for consideration (only screening will be for offensive content and making it fit into the idea of ‘If YOU would listen’ ) through the email labyrnthescaper@gmail.com (note there is no i :)). Offered participation will probably start being added in August.

This and the channel together with the wattpad version will be updated two times a week:

Friday 7.00 Pm GMT and

Saturday 7.00 Pm CAT with possible double updates on each day.

Wattpad link-

https://www.wattpad.com/user/b00ksareapartoflife (book found in the ‘works’ section)

YouTube link-

YouTube channel for videos

please support all three ~

So this is all I’ve ever wanted to say to you, If YOU would listen

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